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Water Bottle Refill Stations

  • The average cost of the units, including installation, was $2,200.



  1. The Oasis MWSBF model requires no electricity because:
  2. It does not have a “bottle replacement” counter.
  3. It is not chilled.
  4. Users simply pushed a button to dispense the water.
  5. The mechanical system may not need as much maintenance as an electronic system and will be less expensive to maintain.
  6. Oasis has recently released a gasket that allows its stations to be installed on Elkay water fountains. Because Penn State has more Elkay water fountains than Oasis, this will allow us to use both vendors.
  7. Oasis filters are made of 50% post-consumer recyclable plastic.


  1. The Oasis station dispenses water at a rate of 0.5 gallons per minute, a slow rate.
  2. Users like the feedback bottle equivalent counters
  3. The recessed units have a small hole in the drip dish that can produce splashing on the floor. OPP has had their welders enlarge the hole and this has solved the problem.
  4. The new Oasis recessed units do require electricity, whereas the retrofit units do not.



  1. Has a digital counter that shows the number of 16 oz. bottles replaced by each use.
  2. Users raved about the counter because it gave them feedback about the positive impacts of their actions.
  3. The Elkay model dispenses water at a faster rate (1.5 gal/min for non-refrigerated, 1.1 gal/min for refrigerated units) than the Oasis.


  1. Incurs added costs due to the electricity required to power the digital counter.
  2. The electronics will probably need expensive maintenance in the future
  3. The Elkay unit only fits onto an existing EZ model water fountain.