OSU Recycling Norms

Being a resident advisor at OSU, Yashvardhan Gusani had an opportunity to be a part of recycling awareness program organized for the RA’s. A representative from Waste management gave an insight into the recycling process at OSU.

It was surprising to know that many items that have recycling symbol listed on it are not recycled by the university. Materials such as coffee lids, cups and non-bottle shaped containers are NOT recycled by the university. In addition to it, pizza boxes are in the grey area as its recycling state depends on the amount of grease present on it. Same is the case with fountain drink bottles. Negligible grease/droplets are acceptable for recycling but large amount of food makes the material non-recyclable.

The department provides various opportunities to get involved in recycling with video contest where one can submit 15 second video to enter the contest to win monetary prizes. Also, a month of recycling event is organized where every residence hall is evaluated on the amount of recycled waste and students indirectly are a part of competition.

 It was interesting session and students learned a lot which can now be passed among the residents.

-Article written by Yashvardhan Gusani