Year 2 International Affairs Scholars Reflection #4

I attended the Global Water Crisis event on October 24th from 6-7 PM in Page Hall 010. This serves as a replacement for a missed community meeting.

Michelle Cane from the Global Water Institute came to speak about the issues present around the world relating to water and the struggle people experience to have access to clean water. Their motto is “Water issues are not just about water. The Global Water Institute at Ohio State is not just about Ohio State”. It is not a single issue fix and requires cooperation from multiple facets of life and new ideas to improve existing systems. She mentioned how women in different countries have to walk miles to get clean water which results in less time for other activities and establishing infrastructure in certain areas.

This relates to IA because water scarcity is a worldwide issue. Climate change and other factors are rapidly changing the world we live in. We must adapt to these changes and do our part to make sure the world is not deteriorating because of our actions.

I am interested in getting involved in research with the Global Water Institute. Although business majors do not typically get research experience, I would like to explore this area more and integrate it with my Environment, Economy, Development, and Sustainability minor. Water issues will affect all areas of our current lives and it is important to address this vital part of existence.

International Affairs Reflection #5

For the second event requirement of the semester for the International Affairs scholars program, I attended the debate on Syrian Civil War: American Policy in Syria on Wednesday, February 13th from 6:00-7:30 PM in Psychology Building 006, presented by The Alexander Hamilton Society. This event fulfilled the non-IA requirement. The debate featured Michael Singh, the Lane-Swig Senior Fellow at the Washington Institute for Near East Policy, and Dr. Randall Schweller of the Ohio State Political Science Department. The moderator was Dr. Chris Gelpi of the Mershon Center.

This event impacted my overall view on government and American foreign policy. Before going to the event, I was skeptical that I would even pay attention because it is not something I am normally interested in. However, the debate was actually very interesting and I enjoyed myself. I had a preconceived notion that government was boring and such a large institution could not create quick change. I was impressed by the experience and perspective that both sides had on the issue. The back and forth discussion changed my perspective on taking troops out of Syria and allowed me to consider all implications.

The debate directly relates to the topic of International Affairs. We learn about what is going on around the world and Personally, I believe that we should withdraw the troops and focus on larger issues. Other countries will be able to sustain themselves without our involvement and sometimes it is better to let people figure things out individually. I learned a great deal on Syrian culture and what officially led to the initial conflict and I am glad I was able to be present for this heated debate. This relates to a lot that I have learned in high school and in my history class last semester.

I gained a lot academically from this event. Before attending this event, it was important to recognize my own personal preconceived notions as well as how the general public might react. When thinking of Syria, the first thing that comes to mind is the Syrian refugees. These are citizens that have fled the country as the Syrian Civil War has brought detrimental effects since 2011. Several countries are unsure whether they should let people in for fear of a terrorist attack or other crimes. Furthermore, the American people simply don’t have trust in government. The media has not helped the situation, as immigrants are portrayed in a negative light. People have been forced out of Syria as the civilian death toll rises. The war initially broke out after a combination of factors. I learned about the implications of all decisions and feel informed if I were to make a decision. Personally, I also thought about my current career path and whether I should alter it slightly because I find these topics so interesting.

By attending this event, I was exposed to ideas I am not used to and was able to gain a better world view and learn more about the differences between American and Syrian culture. After attending I would want to know more about possible career options in this field and how I could possibly tie it in with finance and business.