Year 2 International Affairs Scholars Reflection #6

I attended the Multicultural Center training event Who Am I? on Sunday, February 16th from 8-9 PM. This was held in the Alonso Family Room in the Multicultural Center of the Ohio Union. This event served as a professional development requirement.

The presentation was led by Ashley Yong. She is a social justice engagement graduate assistant at the Multicultural Center. Our session was one of a series of training sessions and conversations based on issues of identity, implicit bias, diversity, and other important topics. The session was focused on an exploration of personal identity. We discussed social identity and how group membership affects our sense of self. We also talked about power and privilege and how we need to spend more time reflecting on how we view the world around us.

This event is related to the topic of International Affairs because our world is becoming increasingly aware of these issues. Inclusivity is a major focus and treating people with kindness is crucial. To be a leader in any industry in today’s world requires an immense amount of emotional intelligence and working with people from different backgrounds and experiences.

I have done extensive work with diversity and inclusion and identity in a variety of my organizations here at Ohio State. As a Morrill Scholar, one of our main focuses is finding our own unique identity in a sea of people. In Fisher, a large point of struggle is the idea of imposter syndrome. With so many successful people surrounding you, it is difficult to stay true to your own values and stop the comparisons with others. As a Resident Advisor, I have had extensive training on the 4 core values of residence life (inclusion, wellness, community, and learning).

After attending this event, I am interested in learning more about the other facets of identity. I want to learn more about myself and how I perceive others. The biggest takeaway for me is to simply be more aware of my implicit biases and focus on my personal core values.