Year 2 International Affairs Scholars Reflection #5

I attended the Buckeye Food Alliance Volunteering event on Saturday, January 25th from 3-5 PM. We went to Lincoln Tower to fulfill this service requirement.

A group of 9 IA scholars went to the Buckeye Food Alliance headquarters to help organize and clean the stock room. We began by taking inventory of all the items in the pantry left after the week. We then looked at all expiration dates to make sure the foods being distributed were safe and healthy. Later, we swept up the area and came up with recipes to hand out for meal inspiration.

I think it is really cool that this resource exists on campus. I don’t think many students are aware of it and we can help promote it for anyone that needs food on campus.

This event related to the topic of International Affairs because it emphasizes the fact that the world is connected through trade and imports and exports. The United States often provides support for other countries and I believe that it is our role to help people when we are able to. While this is not possible in all situations, I think that Buckeye Food Alliance is a great local start.

I had previously had experience with food pantries and volunteering to combat food insecurity. Last spring, I traveled to DC with the Morrill Scholars Program. We went to various locations in DC to volunteer with DC Central Kitchen, Capital Area Food Bank, and others. It was eye-opening to see the amount of need and also the amount of support from people in the community. Food insecurity doesn’t just mean financial need, it can also be the distance from fresh, healthy food.

After attending this event, I am interested in learning more about how Buckeye Food Alliance operates on campus and the other events that they host. I would definitely be willing to volunteer for them again.

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