Year 2 International Affairs Scholars Reflection #4

I attended the Global Water Crisis event on October 24th from 6-7 PM in Page Hall 010. This serves as a replacement for a missed community meeting.

Michelle Cane from the Global Water Institute came to speak about the issues present around the world relating to water and the struggle people experience to have access to clean water. Their motto is “Water issues are not just about water. The Global Water Institute at Ohio State is not just about Ohio State”. It is not a single issue fix and requires cooperation from multiple facets of life and new ideas to improve existing systems. She mentioned how women in different countries have to walk miles to get clean water which results in less time for other activities and establishing infrastructure in certain areas.

This relates to IA because water scarcity is a worldwide issue. Climate change and other factors are rapidly changing the world we live in. We must adapt to these changes and do our part to make sure the world is not deteriorating because of our actions.

I am interested in getting involved in research with the Global Water Institute. Although business majors do not typically get research experience, I would like to explore this area more and integrate it with my Environment, Economy, Development, and Sustainability minor. Water issues will affect all areas of our current lives and it is important to address this vital part of existence.

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