Year 2 International Affairs Scholars Reflection #2

On Saturday, October 26th from 10 AM-1 PM I attended the CRIS Mural Painting Project I. This event fulfilled the service requirement.

We traveled to an elementary school in Westerville, Ohio and worked with around 15 elementary school children to paint the base of the mural. It was so nice to talk to elementary school students and be surrounded by such positive little students who wanted to help out. We first did whole group introductions and learned more about them and assigned them different roles. When asked which subjects they enjoyed at school, most responded with numerous subjects such as math, science, music, and art. I thought this was interesting and refreshing because I remember enjoying school this much and wonder what happened to change our perspective on learning as we become older.

This event related to the topic of International Affairs because the students attended this school are from a variety of places around the world and the mural is a way to bring them together. CRIS does lots of work for refugees and the mentor program allows students to connect with a college student. The organization as a whole serves the refugee and immigrant population in Central Ohio and also acts as a resettlement agency.

I am not typically an “artsy” person but it was truly fun to work with the elementary school students and paint something that would be on the walls of their school for years to come. The kids had a great time helping out where they could.

After attending this event, I am interested in learning more about the types of things CRIS does and possibly becoming more involved with the organization or other service events related to IA. While I feel I cannot consistently devote time to CRIS, I would like to help out and attend events as they come up.

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