International Affairs Reflection #6

To finish off my first year with the International Affairs Scholars Program, I attended the Current Events Conversation on Thursday, March 28th from 7:30-8:30 PM in the Glass Classroom in Smith-Steeb. This event fulfilled the academic requirement.

Our academic chair, Sam Stelnicki led a presentation to update us on what business events were occurring at the time. She began with some definitions of the S&P, Dow Jones, and NASDAQ. Sam then discussed European copyright laws and the shift in the responsibility of the financial burden of copyright infringements. Another event that she talked about was that Uber bought Careem, the middle east direct competitor, for $3.1 billion. This is a key play as Uber is going public this year on the New York Stock Exchange. The company’s initial public offering is estimated to be as much as $120 billion.  Additionally, Sam mentioned Huawei and accusations around selling goods to countries with sanctions. This behavior could disrupt relations between the United States and different countries around the world. Another topic discussed was the potential issues with Boeing 737s and what can be done going forward.

This event impacted me by allowing me to become more aware of what is happening around the world. As an International Affairs Scholar, I should be more aware of daily news but often find myself missing out on what is going on. This event relates to the topic of International Affairs because business is typically international in modern transactions and deals with economics and a variety of factors around the world. Although I am not specializing in international business, it is crucial to keep up with business news to make smart financial decisions for companies.

Personally, I enjoyed this event as I was able to review the things I already knew and learn more about events I had heard briefly about. While I already knew some terms related to the stock market it was beneficial to quickly review what they meant. Academically, I learned more about specific business topics that relate to my finance major. To make educated predictions and effective analysis for companies, it is vital to pay attention to different outside conditions. Overall, the conversation was beneficial in getting to hear the opinions of others and how they would respond in positions of power.

As previously stated, this event relates specifically to my core business classes that I am taking this semester. There is a strong correlation to my international business, business skills and environment, and business law classes. We have discussed specifics about the previous topics and can apply skills to these situations.

After attending the event I have a few questions. I wonder when Uber will officially become a public company and how much they will actually be valued at. It is difficult to gauge surrounding specific controversies. I also question how China will handle the issues with Huawei and how diplomatic relations will be affected by this. I am also interested in learning more about the issues with Boeing 737s and when this issue will officially be fixed.