Decoration Day 2021

June 3, 2021
5:00PM – 6:00PM
In celebration of Decoration Day and the history of Rendville, the Rendville Historic Preservation Society will be hosting a one-hour online event on Zoom Thursday June 3rd, 5-6 pm.

The event will highlight the various stories from community members, ongoing projects relating to preserving Rendville’s history, and provide resources for those interested in family genealogy or other personal research interests connected to Rendville. There will also be a short memorial for those buried in the cemetery. Afterward, attendees are invited to stay for an open and friendly discussion. All are welcome — whether you have a personal connection to Rendville or are simply interested in learning more about its history!

Decoration Day, often in tandem with Memorial Day, is an annual observance where families gather to clean up the graveyard, reconnect with family, and honor the memories of their ancestors.

This event is sponsored by the Rendville Historic Preservation Society, Ohio’s Winding Road, the Ohio State Center for Folklore Studies, and the Global Arts and Humanities Discovery Theme at OSU. The presentation portion of the event will be recorded for later viewing online.