Why communication is important?

For the material in Module 2, I think the instructor makes the most points on communication. It can be said that without communication, there will be no interpersonal interaction. The relationship between people will be in a state of rigidity, isolation, and indifference, and misunderstanding and distortion will occur, which will bring great harm to work and life. With the advent of the information age, the pace of work and life is getting faster and faster, and the thinking between people needs to be strengthened; the social division of labor is becoming more and more detailed, and information is emerging endlessly. Modern industries urgently need to exchange information, all of which cannot be separated. communication.
Communication is a bridge for establishing interpersonal relationships. If this world lacks communication, it will be an unimaginable world.
For individuals, good communication enables us to live frankly, share humanely, take people first, and fully enjoy freedom, harmony, and equality in human interaction. It is not difficult to imagine how closed, boring, boring, and tedious it is in a family, a unit, and between people. Things are difficult to handle and work is difficult to start.

What I have done to do this is to communicate with my teacher often. This is a very common thing. When you encounter problems that you ca n’t do while writing your homework, and when you encounter difficult concepts when reading an article, then your teacher is your best “friend”.For students, communication and cooperation are also important. This is an essential process in group discussion assignments.

I found Adam provides an interesting idea for students to improve their online communication. The key point does not try to differ the online communication from traditional face-to-face communication. Try to imagine there’s a vivid person that is communicating with you from the screen. In this way, your words will become much more natural.

In this regard, my advice is to learn to listen to others first, listen carefully to others’ thoughts, and then express your thoughts to them, whether positive or negative. Of course, the one point that I think is most useful: Do not abnegate any ideas from them, try to express your personal viewpoint peacefully. For my own experience, this really avoids many quarrels.