ARSP Welcomes New Project Manager!

The American Religious Sounds Project is thrilled to announce that Alison Furlong will join our team as Project Manager! Alison graduated with a Ph.D. from the ethnomusicology program of the Ohio State University School of Music in 2015. Her dissertation dealt with churches as alternative spaces of music-making in the former East Germany, and she has presented her work at meetings of the American Folklore Society, German Studies Association, American Musicological Society, and Society for Ethnomusicology. In 2016, she published an article entitled “Politics, Faith, and the East German Blues” in Colloquia Germanica. Prior to graduate study, she worked for many years in the tech industry.

Alison will work in the ARSP’s OSU office managing all aspects of the Luce 2018-2021 grant. She will dedicate 50% of her time to the ARSP and 50% of her time to ASC Tech at OSU.

Welcome, Alison!

ARSP is Hiring!

The American Religious Sounds Project is hiring a full-time position: Digital Archivist. The Digital Archivist will dedicate 50% of their time to  the ARSP and the other 50% of their time with DH@MSU assisting other digital humanities projects in the College of Arts and Letters at MSU. The Digital Archivist position is located at MSU.  The Successful candidate must be able to work collaboratively across academic institutions. To apply for the Digital Archivist position, please click HERE.

ARSP Presentation at Art Institute of Chicago

In September, ARSP co-directors Isaac Weiner and Amy DeRogatis participated in a public conversation with artist James Webb at the opening of his sound exhibit “Prayer” at the Art Institute of Chicago. Weiner and DeRogatis co-presented a brief introduction to ARSP’s goals and research activities and provided questions to guide the following conversation. Nenette Louarca-Shoaf, Director of Adult Learning and Associate Curator of Interpretation at the Art Institute of Chicago, moderated the lively conversation among the presenters, audience, and James Webb. Here is a link to a video recording of the program.


ARSP Is Hiring!

The American Religious Sounds Project is hiring a full-time position: Project Coordinator. The Project Coordinator will assist the Co-Directors in all aspects of project management and will also dedicate 50% of their time to assisting other digital humanities projects in the College of Arts and Sciences at OSU. The Project Coordinator position is located at OSU. A second position for a Digital Archivist will be posted in January 2019. That position will be located at MSU. Successful candidates for both positions must be able to work collaboratively across academic institutions. To apply for the Project Coordinator position, please click HERE.

ARSP Spring Pilot Sites

On October 20, the ARSP leadership team gathered at OSU for an all-day brainstorming session with our three pilot site coordinators. In Spring 2018, our project will be incorporated into university courses led by Christopher Cantwell, at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, and Rachel M. Lindsey, at Saint Louis University, as well as a similar research project led by Kathryn McClymond, at Georgia State University.

Over the course of the day we discussed numerous aspects of managing the project from audio recording and editing to tagging and uploading materials into our archive. We shared experiences of incorporating digital humanities projects into our courses and considered  ways to standardize our procedures across multiple institutions and teaching contexts. At the end of the day, two OSU undergraduate researchers joined us for a Q & A about their work on the project, and provided suggestions as well as advice for future student researchers.

Next spring we will share the syllabi from the pilot project courses and blog post updates from the researchers at the pilot sites.  We are very excited about the expansion of the ARSP through these pilot sites and look forward to watching it grow!

Rachel Lindsey, Kathryn McClymond, Isaac Weiner, Amy DeRogatis, Chris Cantwell, Lauren Pond.


Text by Amy DeRogatis
Recordings by Emma Pittsley
Photographs and Audio Editing by Lauren Pond

On Saturday, April 15,  the Michigan State ARSP research team attended the Holy Saturday Divine Liturgy service at Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Church in Lansing, Michigan. After the service, we joined congregants to help wrap red eggs for that evening’s celebration after the Paschal Vigil. During Thursday of Holy Week, congregation members had dropped off dozens of eggs that had been dyed bright red. These were ready to be wrapped in tulle on Saturday.

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Takin’ It to the Streets: Pilgrimage in East Lansing

By Amy DeRogatis

Last Sunday, April 2, 2017,  I participated in an interfaith pilgrimage through the streets of East Lansing. To prepare for the event, I spent a few days reading and thinking about pilgrimage.  Why do people take pilgrimages? What do they hope to accomplish? Where are they seeking to go? And, significantly for this project, what are the sounds that I might expect to hear while on a pilgrimage?

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