About the ARSP

What does religion in the United States sound like? Where should one go to hear it? How might we understand religious diversity differently if we begin by listening for it? These questions animate the American Religious Sounds Project, a collaborative project of Ohio State and Michigan State Universities, which will offer new resources for documenting and interpreting the diversity of American religious life by attending to its varied sonic cultures.

Working under faculty supervision, student and staff researchers are producing high-quality audio recordings of religion in practice. Drawing on this archive, we will construct a digital platform that integrates sound, images, and text to offer new insights into the complex dynamics of American religious pluralism. The resulting website will offer new research and pedagogical tools for scholars and an interactive resource for the general public.

You can follow our progress on this blog.

To learn more, please visit the ARSP home page, and fill out our contact form.  You can also reach us at religioussounds@osu.edu.