ARSP Welcomes New Project Manager!

The American Religious Sounds Project is thrilled to announce that Alison Furlong will join our team as Project Manager! Alison graduated with a Ph.D. from the ethnomusicology program of the Ohio State University School of Music in 2015. Her dissertation dealt with churches as alternative spaces of music-making in the former East Germany, and she has presented her work at meetings of the American Folklore Society, German Studies Association, American Musicological Society, and Society for Ethnomusicology. In 2016, she published an article entitled “Politics, Faith, and the East German Blues” in Colloquia Germanica. Prior to graduate study, she worked for many years in the tech industry.

Alison will work in the ARSP’s OSU office managing all aspects of the Luce 2018-2021 grant. She will dedicate 50% of her time to the ARSP and 50% of her time to ASC Tech at OSU.

Welcome, Alison!

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