WATERSHED: Replenishing Water Values for a Thirsty World

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On Wednesday, 22 March – World Water Day 2017 – Pope Francis will begin a global conversation in efforts to shift how the world values and understands water. WATERSHED will be launched on World Water Day as the first in a series of programs and activities planned for the next five years. WATERSHED will consist of four main events: a global social media conversation among the public that encourages them to share compelling stories about water values by using  #MyWaterStory, a public participation in a live broadcast of the events and activities, an expert workshop that brings together different perspectives and objectives concerning water issues, and a virtual reality experience inside “The Miracle Molecule” which is a model of an H2O molecule that brings water risks to life. To learn more about this event, click here.

World Help Providing Water for Kirinda, Uganda

World Help, a Christian organization, is raising money to provide clean drinking water to the people or Kirinda, Uganda. They are attempting to fund three major projects, a water well, piping, and irrigation. There is no clean source of water for the people who live here, causing diseases and hardship. To get involved with this movement, or get some ideas for starting your own movement with your faith group, check out their homepage here or the video below.

Video Credit: https://worldhelp.net/world-water-day/

World Water Day Synopsis

World Water Day is an annual event, celebrated on March 22nd. As water is an integral part of many religions, faith communities from around the world are getting involved. The most common way in which faith communities get involved is by raising money to provide safe and clean water for people all throughout the world. With the recent crisis in Flint, Michigan, it is important not to take safe water for granted. To learn about World Water Day, its history, and its impacts, Click here. To learn more about World Water Day and how you can get involved, follow this link here.

Photo Credit: https://blogs.state.gov/stories/2014/03/22/world-water-day-us-tech-h2o-shows-present-and-future-water-innovation

A Sermon for World Water Day


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Susan Barnett recently released a sermon on World Water Day. In it, she discusses the importance of water to almost every single religion. She also discusses the problems that millions of people have due to their inaccessibility to a clean source of water. To read about all of the issues that people around the world are facing when it comes to water, as well as solutions to these problems, check out the full sermon here.


Muslims and Water Conservation

World Water Day is March 22, according to the United Nations. With water becoming scarcer and scarcer, it is essential that it is not wasted. The Muslim community is taking this message to heart with discussions of water conservation. Citing the Qur’an, it is easy to see how and why the Muslim community values water to such a high degree. There are many times in the Qur’an when it is told specifically not to waste water. To get a more in depth look at this, and why the Muslim community is getting so involved with World Water Day, read the full article here.

Photo Credit: http://www.muslimcharity.org.uk/news/world-water-day-2014-be-part-of-the-cycle-of-change/