Faith in Water


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Faith in Water is an online resource that helps involve faith communities with water problems all over the world. Faith communities are excellent at creating support for the needs of the poor and people in need. Faith in Water is helping these faith communities focus their efforts on providing clean drinking water to people as well as information on sanitation or hygiene. To get involved with Faith in Water, or just learn more about what they do, follow this link.

Muslims and Water Conservation

World Water Day is March 22, according to the United Nations. With water becoming scarcer and scarcer, it is essential that it is not wasted. The Muslim community is taking this message to heart with discussions of water conservation. Citing the Qur’an, it is easy to see how and why the Muslim community values water to such a high degree. There are many times in the Qur’an when it is told specifically not to waste water. To get a more in depth look at this, and why the Muslim community is getting so involved with World Water Day, read the full article here.

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