Religion and Environment Songs: Hey World (Don’t Give up) by Micheal Franti & Spearhead

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Song Picks by Natalie

Hey World (Don’t Give Up) is a song by Micheal Franti & Spearhead. In this song he describes many of the problems that the world faces. He begins by saying:

“Tell me why the grass was greener,
Years ago, I swear, it used to grow here,
But no more here.”

“Tell me why on this hill,
All the birds they used to come to fly here,
Come to die here.”

I think that is him talking about the decline of our environment and how quickly it is going downhill. He then says:

“And tell me why it’s okay to kill in the name of the Gods we pray”

He also talks about war in this song which I think is part of what he means by this lyric, but I also think that they are talking about the earth. They are asking why people think that it is okay to kill what God has given us, which includes nature like the grass and birds described earlier in the song.

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