Some Religious Views on Fracking

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Fracking is, and has been, a highly controversial and political issue. Various religious leaders of many different faiths have come out within the past few years to advocate against the use of this practice. Most, if not all, are citing the need in their religious text to preserve and care for the earth. They are all getting very involved in their communities, which range from New York to Colorado. Find out more about this ongoing issue at the following link.

Changing the Columbia River Treat

Many groups, including faith communities, have called for a restructuring of the Columbia River Treaty. The original treaty was written in 1964, and has become outdated. The people calling for the change want the river to be valued for its ecosystem services that were not included in the original treaty. To read the full letter to government officials in Canada and the United States, click here. To read an overview article about this story that goes into more of the history of the treaty, click here.


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