Columbus Diocese 150th Anniversary Tree Planting

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In celebration of the 150th anniversary of the Diocese of Columbus, they are encouraging all parishes to plant at least one tree in recognition of the historic milestone. The commitment should be done before April 22nd, Earth Day, when Bishop Cambpell will celebrate Mass to recognize the anniversary. The Diocese is also offering a Blessing of a Tree that can be downloaded. To make the Tree Planting Commitment or download the Blessing of a Tree, click here.

Trees for the Earth

The Catholic community is joining with the Earth Day Network to help reach the goal of planting 7.8 billion trees by 2020. This would be one tree per person on earth. The recent encyclical, Laudato Si, discussed the importance of trees and their benefits to the environment as well as human kind. To read the full article about this goal, click here. 

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Anamchara Faith Community Celebrates Earth Day 2016

Michael Mernaugh, leader of Anamchara Faith Community,

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The Anamchara Faith Community will be going into the woods to celebrate Earth Day this year. Lessons from biblical passages involving trees and their importance will be taught, and actions such as planting trees will occur. This service will draw from different faiths and cultures, ranging from the Catholic faith to Native American customs and traditions. To find out more about this special service, click here.


Trees in the Bible

The almond tree is symbolic of old age with its white blossoms. Almonds were among the gifts offered to Joseph by the sons of Jacob when they went down to Egypt. Aaron's rod yielded almonds, one of the items placed in the Tabernacle.

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As Arbor Day approaches, it is interesting to look at how trees are used symbolically in different religions. For example, trees are mentioned many times in the various religious teachings in the bible. To see when and where they are mentioned, as well as their importance, check out this article.