Trains, Planes, Cars… and Bikes

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Trains, Planes, Cars… and Bikes is a downloadable brochure from the New Community Project. It is meant to be a guide on alternative ways of getting around in a car centered world. It states that “Cutting back on car use is a step toward peace, health, and the restoration of God’s creation.” To read more or download Trains, Planes, Cars… and Bikes, click here.

Bicycling to Church

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When it comes to meeting for a religious service or ceremony, some people are beginning to switch their mode of transportation to a more sustainable option. More and more people are switching to riding their bikes to their respective houses of worship, as they feel that this is more in line with what their faith teaches. To check out the full story and the challenges that biking may face, click here.

The Blessing of the Bikes

In recent history, a new event has been occurring all over the world. In an attempt to generate environmental awareness, various congregations of different faiths have encouraged their members to commute to church via bicycle. This movement has often been stimulated by a blessing of bikes ceremony.

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Special services have been held in churches and temples all over the world to bless the bikes, keep the cyclists safe, and remember those who have died in accidents. To read more about this innovative ritual, click here.

If you would like to have your bike blessed and get involved in this movement, check out this website.