Presbyterian Church Approves Affirmation of Creation

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In June of 2016 the Presbyterian Church (USA) approved the “Affirmation of Creation”. This affirmation provides a framework to worship God and to live as faithful expressions of God’s love for the whole creation. To read the entire affirmation, click here.

Presbyterian Church Reacts to the United States Pulling Out of Paris Climate Accord

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Hours before President Trump announced that the United Stated would pull out of the Paris Climate Accord, the Presbyterian Church sent out an “Action Alert.” This alert asked Presbyterians to call their legislators and express their desire to remain in the agreement. After President Trump officially announced that the U.S would leave the agreement, Reverend Jimmie Hawkins, executive director of the Presbyterian Office of Public Witness stated, “Today, Presbyterians stand with Paris. Today, Episcopalians stand with Paris. Today, Buddhists stand with Paris. Today, the Jewish Community stands with Paris. People from all aspects of our faith – We stand with Paris.” To read more on Rev. Hawkins statement and Presbyterians’ reaction, click here.

Presbyterian Church adds Caring for Creation to Constitution

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On June 25, 2017, the amendments added to the constitution of the Presbyterian Church will go into effect. Included in these provisions is the addition of caring for God’s creation as a responsibility for all church members. The amendment received the needed 86 affirmative votes for ratification. To read about the amendment, and others that will be taking place, click here.

Official Denominational Environmental Webpage – Presbyterian Church

The Presbyterian faith has an online resource for all members of its community. This website helps provide information and links for people and congregations to become more Eco-friendly. The main website can be found here.

Earth Care Congregations

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Another valuable resource on their page is their Earth Care Congregations, which provides projects, education, and outreach programs. A further explanation of this program and some success stories can be found here.

Environmental Statement – Presbyterian Church

The Presbyterian Church has an environmental statement that is similar to many other churches, citing biblical text and discussing our responsibilities as stewards of the earth.

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This document goes into what humanity has done, and why the Presbyterian church is responding to the massive amount of environmental degradation. To read the entire statement, follow this link. For a more interactive and shorter read that sums up their stances, click here. 

On their website, found here, you can check out how the environmental ministries are encouraging congregations to get involved and enact ecological justice.