Iowa Interfaith Leaders and Earth Day 2016

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Many religious leaders in Iowa have gotten together on the eve of earth day to discuss the importance of climate change. They hope to create bipartisan support for policy in regards to the environment. These faith leaders all want to do what they feel is right, which is to help preserve the earth. To read more about this, click here. 

Faith Community Alliance of Greater Cincinatti

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The faith Community Alliance of Greater Cincinnati is a group of interfaith communities who have gathered to share stories and come together to support environmental initiatives. Typically, they will look into what the government is doing and urge for better policy. To read more about this group, or get involved, click here.


Environmental Statement – Episcopal Church


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The Episcopal Church has issued multiple¬†environmental statements over the years. Their foundational statement in the 1990’s was released in parts. The first part discussed environmental policy, and what must be done to preserve creation. The full policy piece can be found here. The second part addressed taking action through the church. It involves advocacy, leadership involvement, and education. This part can be read in full detail here.

All information regarding the Episcopal Ecological Network can be found here.