Faith in Water


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Faith in Water is an online resource that helps involve faith communities with water problems all over the world. Faith communities are excellent at creating support for the needs of the poor and people in need. Faith in Water is helping these faith communities focus their efforts on providing clean drinking water to people as well as information on sanitation or hygiene. To get involved with Faith in Water, or just learn more about what they do, follow this link.

Green Justice Congregations

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Sustainability and becoming “green” are more than just simple actions. Many people believe that to truly achieve environmental stewardship, the culture and how we look at things needs to be changed. The United Church of Christ has provided a resource to help faith communities make this change. Their program can be adopted by anyone who¬†wants to help make an impact in their own community. To see their program and get some tips on great ways to involve your community in this type of effort, check out their website here.