The Bhumi Project Nine-Year Plan

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The Bhumi Project works toward long term sustainable plans beginning with the Nine-Year Plan. This document breaks down the plan into three main areas: networking, action, and education. They strive to encourage as many Hindu communities as possible to sign up to these plans. To read more about the Nine-Year Plan, click here.

The Bhumi Project

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The Bhumi Project is a global effort to bring Hindu communities together for environmental action. The project stands for respect, compassion, and service for our environment. They aim to educate, inspire, inform and connect Hindus interested in service to Mother Earth, to develop long term sustainable plans for environmental care, and to build a base of global partners and friends who encourage the best environmental practices. To read more about The Bhumi Project, click here.

Hindu Funeral Pyres

Indians pay last respects at a mass cremation of 15 school girls at the banks of the river Orsang in Bamroli on April 16, 2008.

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Hindu people traditionally have a funeral pyre for their deceased. However, this funeral pyre is very environmentally damaging, as it burns hundreds of kilograms of wood and creates a lot of ash. To combat this, a Green Cremation System has been developed that will allow for all traditional funeral rites and bring down environmental impacts. To read more about this new system, click here.