Profile: Rev. Dr. Heber M Brown

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Rev. Dr. Heber M. Brown is a Baptist pastor in Baltimore, Maryland. Brown is committed to social development and has been instrumental in the creation of several programs in the Baltimore area. These include Orita’s Cross Freedom School, of which he is the founding director, and the Black Church Food Security Network. The latter works to support the accessibility of food by linking historically African American congregations with urban growers and Black farmers. Brown has received a number of awards recognizing his work, including the Ella Baker Freedom Fighter Award and the Food Justice Award from the Baltimore City Office of Civil Rights.

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Food Steward’s Pledge

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The EPA is engaging faith communities on the issues of climate change and food shortages. Many people do not have access to enough nutritional food to have a healthy lifestyle. On the flip side, there are huge amounts of food that are simply wasted every day in the United States. The EPA is hoping to bridge this gap by reaching out to faith communities and helping spread the message of reducing food waste. To read more about this, and how you can get involved, click here.