Engaged Organizations: Blessed Earth

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Blessed Earth is an organization that inspires faithful stewardship of all creation. They believe that the Bible is the Word of God and holds wisdom for today and are motivated by the biblical mandate to care for God’s creation. They work on promoting actions that encourage responsible stewardship of resources, and they believe in building bridges within and beyond the church that serve the Kingdom and glorify God. They offer and promote educational materials, resources, events, and a monthly newsletter for creation care stories, tools, and links on their website. To learn more about their initiatives and check out their website, click here.

Engaged Organizations: The National Wildlife Federation: Sacred Grounds

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For over 40 years, The National Wildlife Federation has been assisting congregations and faith-based organizations in creating wildlife friendly yards and landscapes through their program Sacred Grounds. Sacred Grounds was created to give people of all faiths the opportunity to connect with nature at their place of worship. They do so by offering an online certification process about proper gardening and other tips to connect with nature. To learn more about this program and the National Wildlife Federation’s work, click here.

Surpassing Political Parties

Photo Credit: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RxxlV2SEbw0

Environmentalism has become a partisan problem, with liberals and conservatives butting heads on the issue. However, faith groups are trying to get over these issues by showing that it isn’t just about the planet, but the people as well. You can have environmental protection and economic growth. Check out all of the arguments being made by the religious community here.

Ohio Interfaith Power and Light

Photo Credit: http://www.ohipl.org/about-us/

Ohio Interfaith Power and Light is an organization that wants to help all faith communities become more environmentally friendly. They offer programs from education to energy saving. They also offer links and resources to make living sustainability easier on an individual basis. There are success stories and highlights from different faith communities as well. To check out more about this organization, visit their website here.