The Future of Work: The Veritas Forum event

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Join OSU in hosting The Veritas Forum at The Ohio Union on March 7 from 7PM to 10 PM. Come explore the consequences technological innovations have on societies’ workers.  The Veritas Forums are hosted by coalitions of Christian fellowships with the aim of engaging students in discussions of life’s hardest questions. Speakers include:

Bruce Weinberg
Professor of Economics and Public Administration, OSU
Joe Kaboski
Professor of Economics, University of Notre Dame

Michael Smith
Professor of Information Systems and Marketing , Carnegie Mellon University

Derek Thompson as moderator
Senior Editor, Atlantic Magazine

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Surpassing Political Parties

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Environmentalism has become a partisan problem, with liberals and conservatives butting heads on the issue. However, faith groups are trying to get over these issues by showing that it isn’t just about the planet, but the people as well. You can have environmental protection and economic growth. Check out all of the arguments being made by the religious community here.

A Common Cause for Opposing Groups

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When groups share a common cause, they can see past their differences to work towards a goal. This is what has been happening recently when it comes to conservatives and liberals. These two groups are bonding over caring for the earth in their own ways. To read about how this relationship is developing, read the full article here.