Evangelical Environmental Network: Trump Budget would harm National Parks and the Protection of God’s Other Creatures

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The president of the Evangelical Environmental Network, Rev. Mitch Hescox, made a statement saying that the budget proposed by the Trump administration is a “devils bargain,” which would harm national parks and the protection of God’s creatures.

“The Trump Administration’s budget, if implemented, would be an abdication of our stewardship of our public lands, which are entrusted to each generation to pass on to their children.”

To read the entire statement, click here.

Environmental Theology in Sikhism

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The Sikh scripture declares that the purpose of human beings is to achieve a blissful state and be in harmony with the earth and all creation. They believe that humans have drifted away from that ideal and that this crisis is in need of an immediate and urgent solution. The crisis requires going back to the basic question of the purpose of human beings in this universe and an understanding of ourselves and the Divine creation. To read the entire theology from EcoSikh, click here.

“Creating the world, God has made it a place to practice spirituality”

-Guru Granth Sahib, page 1035

Sikh Statement on Climate Change

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EcoSikh has created the groundwork for a Sikh environmental theological foundation, and the inspiration to connect Gurbani to the state of the environment today. This is the first of its kind from the Sikh community and it outlines new actions Sikhs can take to strengthen their connection to their faith through environmentalism. To read the entire statement, click here.

“You, Yourself created the Universe, and You are pleased…You, Yourself the bumblebee, flower, fruit and the tree. You, Yourself the water, desert, ocean and the pond. You, Yourself are the big fish, tortoise and the Cause of causes.”

— GURU GRANTH SAHIB, Maru Sohele, 1020

How Green is your Church?

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How Green is your Church is a questionnaire from Operation Noah that covers how environmentally conscious a church is. It is in check-list form and it’s purpose is to allow congregations to assess their starting point with environmental issues. To view the entire questionnaire, click here.

Bright Now: Towards Fossil Free Churches

Cover of the Bright Now report

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Bright Now: Towards Fossil Free Churches is a campaign from Operation Noah on the necessity for churches to divest from fossil fuel companies. This initiative is based on the belief that the care for God’s creation must extend to the way in which churches invest their funds. The campaign includes a report on the urgency of the issue, a reflective paper on the ethics of fossil fuels, and tools to help divest a church from fossil fuels. To read more, click here.

Canfei Nesharim

Canfei Nesharim

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Canfei Nesharim is a Torah-based environmental movement that aims to educate and empower Jewish individuals and communities to take an active role in protecting the environment. They value education that leads to action, appreciation for creation, and cultivating leadership. By focusing on these values, they hope to internalize Jewish and sustainable values and turn that into an environmentally-sensitive way of life. To read more about Canfei Nesharim, click here.

Fasting for Climate Justice

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Fasting for Climate Justice is a resource from Global Catholic Climate Movement (GCCM ) on the practice of fasting for climate action through two initiatives: meatless Fridays and monthly fasting. The GCCM encourages abstinence from meat on Fridays as a way to reduce one’s negative impact on global climate change. The GCCM also promotes fasting for the climate which takes place the first day of each month. To read the entire resource, click here.

Start 2018 by Speaking up for God’s Creation

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Young Evangelicals for Climate Action posted an article on how to speak up for God’s creation. The article focuses on The Clean Power Plan and how to effectively speak up to stop the repeal and replace of the plan. To read the entire article, click here.

Protecting Health and Life: A Catholic Response to Proposed Clean Power Plan

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Catholic Climate Covenant  has created a one-hour webinar that explores the Trump Administration’s proposal to “replace and repeal” the Obama administration’s Clean Power Plan (CPP). They discuss why the CPP is the best path to keep our water and air clean. To read more or watch the video click here.

United States Conference of Catholic Bishops: Care for Creation


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United States Conference of Catholic Bishops considers caring for creation as one of its seven themes of catholic social teaching. They believe that being stewards of creation is a sign of respect to the Creator and a requirement of their faith. They list examples of scripture that show the importance of stewardship. To read more, click here.