Christians and Endangered Species

Photo Credit: 2014/03/31/banggai-cardinal-moves-closer-to-endangered-species-listing/

A study was conducted to see the importance¬†endangered species are to Christian religions. Citing biblical text, especially the story of Noah’s Ark, many religions have deemed that preserving and caring for all living creatures¬†is of the utmost importance. To read more about the importance of all creatures to Christians, check out the full study here.


Muslim Leaders on Endangered Species

Photo Credit: /asia/article/1441747/fatwa-issued-against-hunting-endangered-wildlife-indonesia

Indonesian religious leaders have released a statement confirming that killing endangered species is no allowed in their faith. Most people have already agreed to this concept, but this push from religious leaders will have an effect on farmers and fishermen who don’t always care about whether or not they kill endangered species. To see the effectiveness of the decree of these Muslim leaders in their community, read the full story here.


Jewish Tradition and Endangered Species

Photo Credit: /2015/5/15/international-endangered-species-day-10-things-you-can-do

The Jewish ways teach members of its community to care for the earth and all of God’s creations. With so many species becoming endangered, the Jewish faith has made cited scripture to show that all animals are to be valued. For a more detailed look at how the Jewish faith values animals, read the full article here.