Journey of the Universe

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Journey of the Universe is a multi-form approach that tells the story of the universe. It emphasizes the interconnected nature of the world, and it calls upon the human community to tend to the world on which we rely. An interdisciplinary approach that engages science, narrative, and humanist wisdom. The material is available in a book, documentary, and online course. Beyond these initial forms, the Journey of the Universe has expanded into a YouTube channel and podcast. The documentary is available on Amazon prime and the book is available on amazon or through your favorite independent bookshop. This set is a wonderful resource that may be used in many ways including in movie features or book groups.

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The Climate and the Cross

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The Climate and the Cross is a short documentary from The Guardian. The documentary looks at the battle between evangelical Christians on whether climate change is a call to protect the Earth, the work of God to be welcomed, or doesn’t exist at all. Stories from pastors, churchgoers, scientists and others are featured to show the ongoing conflict and American’s attitude towards climate change. To watch the entire documentary, click here.