Energy Star Action Workbook for Congregations

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Working with religious leaders and the National Renewable Energy Laboratory, Mitch Hescox and others worked on a study to find ways for congregations to become more renewable energy friendly. Their work resulted in a guide called “Energy Star Action Workbook for Congregations” which outlines effective and achievable actions faith communities can take to improve their energy efficiency and in this way save money which can be used to serve the church in other areas.

To be taken to where the free pdf of the workbook can be found, click here.

“Pope Tells Oil Executives to Act on Climate: ‘There Is No Time to Lose’”

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Pope Francis continued his efforts to uplift climate change as a focus of global Catholic action with a conference of oil company executives at the Vatican in early June 2018. The pope, who has called for a swift energy transition away from fossil fuels and to more renewable energy sources, praised progress made by big oil companies while pushing for even further change.

In his statements on climate change, Pope Francis argues for our present duty to care for the gift of the earth for ourselves as well as future generations. He also recognizes that the poor will be disproportionately affected by global warming.

The Global Catholic Climate Movement has followed the pope’s directive and removed funding from organizations which support fossil fuel. Catholic universities, like Notre Dame, are working on plans to remove fossil fuels from their own energy production.

For more on Global Catholic Climate Movement click here. To be directed to the article originally published on the New York Times click here.

Evangelical Environmental Network: Resource Page

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The online resource page for the  Evangelical Environmental Network (EEN) offers many helpful resources for clergy and lay persons looking to engage their faith with care of the environment.

This page gives introductory resources for those entering the conversation as well as practical implementation of creation care. Sermon starters and devotionals provide links for personal or community consideration of scripture and environment.  It also links to books recommended by the EEN in Creation Care, Food and Food Policy, National Parks and Public Lands, Sustainable Business, and Children’s books. This section of the page may be especially useful for those looking to do a book study in creation care.

Click here to be directed to the EEN’s resource page.

Podcast: Young Minds Big Questions – An Interview with Brian McLaren

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Young Minds Big Questions (YMBQ) describes itself as a podcast “about challenging Christians to wrestle through doubts, fears, and questions. We talk apologetics, theology, and philosophy.”

“Climate Change and Christianity – An Interview with Brian McLaren” was released on April 26, 2017 and is part one of a two part conversation on climate change and Christianity. Guest, Brian McLaren is an author, speaker, activist, and public theologian. His work as a pastor led him to begin writing, and he has published numerous books on faith and Christian life.

McLaren unpacks some of the science of global climate change, and its everyday effects for human life around the world. Looking at the dangers of a changing climate, McLaren turns to faith as the inspiration for advocacy and change. In his own words, “Ultimately, climate change is a spiritual matter.” McLaren attributes reluctance to accept or take action to prevent climate change in part to a certain kind of eschatology.  He then goes on to discuss instances in which average congregations inspired by care for God’s world made real changes to combat climate change. The podcast concludes with McLaren’s own recommendations for any Christian wanting to learn more about creation care.

Find this episode of YMBQ  on apple podcasts here,  Youtube here, and on other podcast providers. For more information on Brian McLaren, click here to be directed to his personal website.

Climate Justice and the Moral Obligation to God’s Creation

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Franciscan Action Network created the Climate Justice and the Moral Obligation to God’s Creation campaign as a way to act, quickly and powerfully, to change systems and laws towards climate justice. Their work focuses on breaking through polarized politics, being relationship-centered,  and being strategic and effective. To read more, click here.

Catholic Climate Covenant Earth DayVideo

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Catholic Climate Covenant has created a video to go with their Beyond  a Throwaway Culture Earth Day theme. The short video gives a brief explanation of the importance of protecting the planet and the problem of throwaway plastics. To watch the video, click here.

Reducing Waste and Moving Beyond a Throwaway Culture Webinar

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This hour-long webinar was created by Catholic Climate Covenant and Earth Day Network to address the exponential growth of plastics and how it is threatening the survival of our planet. Earth Day Network discusses the resources they offer to help end plastic pollution and their Earth Day campaign: A World Without Plastic Pollution. The webinar then discusses Catholic Climate Covenant’s program, Beyond a Throwaway Culture: Reduce Waste–Grow Community, and describes how faith communities can celebrate our common home on Earth Day and every day. To watch the Reducing Waste and Moving Beyond a Throwaway Culture Webinar, click here.

Catholic Climate Covenant: Earth Day 2018

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Catholic Climate Covenant has created their 2018 Earth Day with the theme of reducing waste. Titled Beyond a Throwaway Culture: Reduce Waste- Grow Community, the focus is on single-use disposable plastics and how they contribute to land and marine pollution. The program includes prayers, readings, actions, and a video. To read more or download the program, click here.

Climate Change: A Matter of Faith

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Climate Change: A Matter of Faith is a list of talking points created by Blessed Tomorrow. The talking points are meant to be a starting point for faith communities providing a prophetic voice to inspire others to work towards a healthier and safer world. The list also offers possible counterpoints and how to respond. To read Climate Change: A Matter of Faith, click here.

Ideas for Earth Day Sunday Celebrations

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Creation Justice Ministries has created a list of ways to celebrate Earth Day Sunday this year. They include educational ideas, prayer examples, leading by example, and celebrating in God’s creation by immersing yourself in it. To read more, click here.