Engaged Organization: The Dream Corps

Picture courtesy of thedreamcorps.org

The Dream Corps is a social justice accelerator that was founded by Van Jones in 2014. He is the keynote speaker at the Midwest Regional Sustainability Summit held in June in Cincinnati. Their slogan is “21st-century jobs, not jail,” as they attempt to close prison doors and open doors of opportunity for all. They support economic, environmental, and criminal justice leaders so they are able to tackle America’s social justice challenges. Their main goal is to teach people to turn to each other instead of on each other. Their initiatives include #YESWECODE, #CUT50, and Green for All. To read more about The Dream Corps, click here.

EarthConnection Cincinnati

Picture courtesy of scearthconnection.org

EarthConnection, a ministry of the Sisters of Charity of Cincinnati, is a center for learning and reflecting on how to live lightly on Earth. They focus on the interconnections of all of Creation and strive to integrate spirituality and sustainability throughout their programs. Their website lists all of the programs they have to offer and they all include a focus on sustainable agriculture, alternative energies, ecojustice, and ecospirituality. To learn more and read all of the programs they have to offer, click here.

Beyond the Bin

Photo Credit: http://ncronline.org/blogs/eco-catholic/ cincinnati-parish-program-gives-trash-second-life-beyond-bin

A relatively new program is taking place at St. Anthony Parish in Cincinnati. Parishioners are bringing in their recycling to practice environmental stewardship. It all started when one member found out that nearly 50% of all trash could actually be diverted by being recycled or composted. They spread the message, and this program has been embraced by the entire church community. To read more about this inspiring story, click here.