About Dr. Hitzhusen



Research Interests and Areas of Specialization

  • Theory and practice of faith-community environmental education and ethics
  • Religious influences on environmental attitudes and behavior
  • Environmental ethics; Eco-theology; Religion and ecology
  • Energy and climate change education and outreach trends in faith communities
  • Writing-in-the-majors and sustainability across the curriculum

Curriculum Vita



Contact Info

Gregory E. Hitzhusen
Assistant Professor of Professional Practice
469E Kottman Hall, 2021 Coffey Rd., Columbus, OH 43210

One thought on “About Dr. Hitzhusen

  1. My name is Jules Jefferson. I am the Associated Student Government Secretary for Infrastructure and Sustainability at Miami University. I am interested in hosting a panel event on the Role of Faith in the UN Sustainable Development Goals. This event will take place in the evening of February 1st. Would you be willing to come to the event or give me more contacts?

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