Resources for Interpretation

Here are some links to the encyclical and related educational materials and statements that have been developed by different religious communities, including a letter of support from over 400 Rabbis, and a new Islamic statement on the environment:

Laudato Si: Praise Be To You: On Care for Our Common Home: (html) 
Laudato Si study guide from the US Conference of Catholic Bishops: (pdf)
National Catholic Reporter Reader’s Guide to Laudato Si: (pdf)
Announcement of the Rabbinic Letter on the Climate Crisis: (url)
Islamic Declaration on Global Climate Change: (url)
United Methodist Bishops Pastoral Letter: God’s Renewed Creation: Call to Hope and Action: (url) 
Lutheran Study Guide to Pope Francis’ Letter on Climate Change: (pdf)
Evangelical Declaration on the Care of Creation: (url)
A Buddhist Declaration on Climate Change: (url)
Black Church Climate Statement: (url)
And a whole host of other denominational and other religious community statements on environment and ecology have been compiled online, such as here or here.

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