Creation Centered Hymns

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Faith Climate Action Week created a resource for creation centered hymns. This list offers hymns on a variety of topics including equality of creatures, the beauty of the earth, and more. To view the entire list, click here.

Catholic Climate Covenant Earth DayVideo

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Catholic Climate Covenant has created a video to go with their Beyond  a Throwaway Culture Earth Day theme. The short video gives a brief explanation of the importance of protecting the planet and the problem of throwaway plastics. To watch the video, click here.

Nationwide Climate Prayer

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Faith Climate Action Week, an initiative from Interfaith Power & Light, has created a nationwide prayer for the climate. You can add your name to a list to commit to participate and join together to pray for action on climate change. To add your name or download the prayer, click here.

Catholic Climate Covenant: Earth Day 2018

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Catholic Climate Covenant has created their 2018 Earth Day with the theme of reducing waste. Titled Beyond a Throwaway Culture: Reduce Waste- Grow Community, the focus is on single-use disposable plastics and how they contribute to land and marine pollution. The program includes prayers, readings, actions, and a video. To read more or download the program, click here.

Ideas for Earth Day Sunday Celebrations

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Creation Justice Ministries has created a list of ways to celebrate Earth Day Sunday this year. They include educational ideas, prayer examples, leading by example, and celebrating in God’s creation by immersing yourself in it. To read more, click here.

Creation Justice Ministries Earth Day: Sense of Place


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Creation Justice Ministries 2018 Earth Day theme is Sense of Place. They aim to educate and offer insight about living in harmony with local ecosystems and watersheds, sharing places with a diversity of peoples, and respecting the history of your place. To read more or download the Earth Day Sunday promotion toolkit, click here.

Evangelical Environmental Network: Trump Budget would harm National Parks and the Protection of God’s Other Creatures

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The president of the Evangelical Environmental Network, Rev. Mitch Hescox, made a statement saying that the budget proposed by the Trump administration is a “devils bargain,” which would harm national parks and the protection of God’s creatures.

“The Trump Administration’s budget, if implemented, would be an abdication of our stewardship of our public lands, which are entrusted to each generation to pass on to their children.”

To read the entire statement, click here.

Interfaith Power & Light Statement on United States Leaving Paris Climate Agreement

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After President Trump announced that the United States would pull out of the Paris Climate Agreement, Interfaith Power & Light released a statement calling the action a sin. President of IPL, Reverend Sally Bingham, stated “I am not surprised, but I am profoundly disappointed that President Trump doesn’t have more compassion for the poorest people of the world who are suffering from the changing climate and more respect for 97% of the world’s climate scientists who have concluded without a doubt that humans are harming the climate. Abandoning the Paris Agreement is a sin.” To read more on this statement and what other board members of IPL stated, click here.

Reverend Sally Bingham on the Paris Pledge

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Reverend Sally Bingham gave a speech for Interfaith Power & Light announcing the Paris Pledge and what it encompasses. Their main goal is to reduce energy 50% by 2030 and be completely carbon neutral by 2050. To watch this video click here and to read more on the Paris Pledge, click here.

Paris: We’re Still In

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Paris: We’re Still In is a campaign launched by Interfaith Power& Light to show that U.S faith leaders will not give up on caring for creation, no matter what happens in the White House. While Interfaith Power & Light and other faith leaders will continue to fight for the United States to keep the Paris Agreement, they will continue with the Paris Pledge even if the U.S backs out. To read more about Paris: We’re In, click here.