ELCA World Hunger’s 40 Days of Giving

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Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA) has relief programs around the world and in 2018, they created a “40 Days of Giving.” During this lenten program highlights several programs in India, Malawi, and the United States that revolve around food and agriculture, education and income, health and wellness, refugees, and women’s rights. To read the entire brochure on the goals of these projects and the impacts they could have, click here.

ELCA Hurricane Florence Disaster Response

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The Evangelical Lutheran Church in American (ELCA) has created a bulletin insert to show the need for support in response to Hurricane Florence. The insert explains the needs of people in the Carolinas and what a donation or a gift to the cause could do. To download the insert, click here.

The Climate and the Cross

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The Climate and the Cross is a short documentary from The Guardian. The documentary looks at the battle between evangelical Christians on whether climate change is a call to protect the Earth, the work of God to be welcomed, or doesn’t exist at all. Stories from pastors, churchgoers, scientists and others are featured to show the ongoing conflict and American’s attitude towards climate change. To watch the entire documentary, click here.

Spiritual Wholeness and Climate Justice

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Spiritual Wholeness and Climate Justice is an article from the United Methodist Women. They believe that, “Part of being whole persons in Jesus Christ includes a just relationship with earth and all its communities.” The article goes on to talk about taking action, living with purpose, and how to “Be Just. Be Green.” To read the entire article, click here.

How Do We Declare Creation ‘Very Good’ in the Face of Climate Change?

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How Do We Declare Creation ‘Very Good’ in the Face of Climate Change? is an article from Sojourners magazine written by Neddy Astudillo. The article discusses how the impending reality of climate change challenges the understanding of creation as ‘good’. Astudillo states, “We must live in the present but with our hearts fixed on the future. Not just the future that awaits us in heaven, but the one concerned with this Earth. We must believe in personal change, the kind of change that comes from the heart and can withstand difficulties. We know the importance of sacrifice for the common good. These values are the missing link to reducing emissions and sinking carbon back into living soils, through lifestyles that care for the Earth and her most vulnerable creatures.” To read more, click here.

Air Pollution and Public Health

Air Pollution and Public Health

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Air Pollution and Public Health is an article from United Methodist Women. It focuses on the impacts that air pollution has on health, specifically in communities of color and children. It goes on to discuss environmental justice and ways to combat this injustice. To read more, click here.

Single-Use Plastics: Contrary to God’s Design

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Evangelical Environmental Network has created a resource with Biblical guidance on how single-use plastic is contrary to God’s design. They believe that single use plastics are clogging up God’s great cycle of life and harming God’s creatures. As part of EEN’s pledge against straws and other single use plastics, they stated:

“God didn’t create plastic. If there is one thing that thumbs its nose at the Creator’s design, if there is one product that contradicts what Ecclesiastes proclaims — “the earth remains the same through the ages” — it is plastic.”

To read more, click here.

Faith-Based Study Guide on Climate Change

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Catholic Rural Life has created a faith-based study guide on climate change. It is a document that walks through global climate change with the main objective being to, “Discern what God is calling you to do to improve your relationships with God, other people, and God’s creation in the context of global climate change.” To read more or download the study guide, click here.

Exeter Diocese Promotes Electric Transport

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The Exeter Diocese, which is a part of the Church of England, is promoting electric vehicles for its clergy, staff and readers with a discount on Hyundai Ioniq cars (hybrids and full electric vehicles). The Diocese also promotes electric bikes as an easy way to get to church. They purchased a few to allow clergy members to trial the e-bikes and have been continuously promoting the use of bikes or electric transportation in their parish. To read more, click here.