Lent and the Sustainable Development Goals

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Mercy International Organization has created a resource for Lent related to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s) . A few days are assigned to each of the seventeen SDG’s, with readings and a few thoughts to consider in your daily life related to each goal. To download this free resource, click here.

The Giving Tree: Fighting Climate Change and Strengthening Communities in Nicaragua

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The Giving Tree: Fighting Climate Change and Strengthening Communities in Nicaragua is an initiative from Catholic Relief Services (CRS). Nicaragua is the second poorest country in the Western hemisphere with one of the worst rates of deforestation in the region. CRS is engaging rural Nicaraguans, who have an average employment income of $3/day, in planting 310,000 indigenous trees in land on or near their small farms. These trees will remove from the atmosphere approximately 67,800 metric tons of carbon dioxide, a greenhouse gas, over their full lives. Farmers will be paid annually for a 10-year period to maintain and nurture these trees, and additional investment will be made in the communities.To read more on The Giving Tree and the work that CRS is doing, click here.

One Tree at a Time

EELCO youth clear church grounds where new trees will be planted. Photo: Cedrick Y. Kitwa

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Cedrick Yumba Kitwa, the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Congo delegate for the 22nd UN Conference on Climate Change (COP22), reached out to young people to launch a reforestation and environmental education project in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Over the span of 14 months, they planted 71 trees and created a park with a variety of plants. Kitwa said they are driven by their desire “to see sustainable development and safeguard the creation. We want to see the church involved in climate action because we are suffering very much from climate change already.” To read more on this program, click here.

Presbyterian Eco Stewards

Presbyterians for Earth Care

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The Eco–Stewards are a grassroots community that shapes young adult leaders through place-based experiences that connect faith and the environment. Each year, the Eco-Stewards program invites young adults to immerse themselves in a particular place to study an environmental theme. In 2018, the program will be held in Hawaii and is called Aloha ‘Aina, which means love of the earth. To read more or apply for the 2018 program, click here.

Religious Declaration of Ocean Emergency

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This declaration from Interfaith Oceans discusses what is happening with the earth’s oceans and why people of faith must act to make people more aware and to change their ways toward more caring products and actions.

“There comes a time when people of various faith traditions need to declare together the truth of the destruction and injustice happening right before our eyes. And to work to stop it. That time is now.”

To read the entire declaration, click here.

Interfaith Oceans: Rising Seas, Storms, and Refugees

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As polar sea ice melts, the ocean water rises and people all around the world are being overwhelmed by higher tides and storm surges. As 40% of people live near a coast, Interfaith Oceans believes that people must start to gradually eliminate their contributions to climate change, turn to alternative forms of energy, protect and plant trees, help coastal communities prepare, and welcome refugees. To read more about rising sea levels and refugees, click here.

“A rise in the sea level…can create extremely serious situations, if we consider that a quarter of the world’s population lives on the coast or nearby, and that the majority of our megacities are situated in coastal areas. . . .”

Pope Francis, Laudato Si’: On Care for Our Common Home

Interfaith Oceans Strategic Plan

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Interfaith Oceans has a plan for people of faith and science to join in caring for beautiful, stable, diverse oceans, and coastal communities. This plan includes their mission, priorities, ethics, approaches, and values. To read their entire plan, click here.

Interfaith Oceans

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Interfaith Oceans is an organization that protects ocean systems and species, people, and cultures through faith and working together. The oceans support all of life on land with oxygen, food, weather, livelihoods, and beauty. Yet, ocean systems are being degraded by pollution and overuse. Interfaith Oceans believe that the voices of faith and science must work together to help protect and restore ocean communities. To read more, click here.

Evangelical Environmental Network: Trump Budget would harm National Parks and the Protection of God’s Other Creatures

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The president of the Evangelical Environmental Network, Rev. Mitch Hescox, made a statement saying that the budget proposed by the Trump administration is a “devils bargain,” which would harm national parks and the protection of God’s creatures.

“The Trump Administration’s budget, if implemented, would be an abdication of our stewardship of our public lands, which are entrusted to each generation to pass on to their children.”

To read the entire statement, click here.

Qur’an Creation & Conservation

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Qur’an Creation & Conservation is in introduction to the ethical foundations of Islamic environmentalism from the Islamic Foundation for Ecology and Environmental Science. It discusses creation, corruption, balance, and the many parts that make up these three categories. To read the entire document, click here.