EcoTheo Review

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In 2013, several seminary friends set out to bring ecological and faith groups together and to “create a lasting affection toward the natural world.” The EcoTheo Review publishes art on their website and through their digital quarterly. Sharing writings and art, their active website and blog continue to publish posts in between official publication of the journal.

The journal can be purchased and submissions can be made through their website. Click here to be directed to the website.

Creation Centered Hymns

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Faith Climate Action Week created a resource for creation centered hymns. This list offers hymns on a variety of topics including equality of creatures, the beauty of the earth, and more. To view the entire list, click here.

The Worship of Nature

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The Worship of Nature is a poem by John Greenleaf Whittier published in 1867. The poem describes nature and forests as a holy place and Whittier makes a comparison to it being an altar. He describes the winds as hymns of praise and the blue sky as the temples arch. To read the entire poem, click here.

Care for Creation Check List

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Check List is a conversation created by New Community Project. It is meant to be read between two people or performed as a skit. One person reads the Genesis creation account while another person uses the list to gauge how other species are faring in the Age of Humans. To view the Check List, click here.

When Mother Calls

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When Mother Calls is a 20-minute skit from New Community Project. It portrays a trial in which earth’s creatures testify about human impacts on the environment. The play emphasizing the call to respect and nurture the earth is easily adapted for performance in congregations, youth camps, retreats, or other church or youth events. To read the entire script, click here.

Wade in the Water

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Wade in the Water is a worship resource from the New Community Project. It calls for the stewardship of water and is a 20 minute worship service, including a hymn, about water as a precious resource. To read or download Wade in the Water, click here.

Environment and Islam

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Climate Change: A Call for Personal Changes is an article about the Islamic faith and the environment. The author, Imam Shabir Ally, discusses conservation, the sanctity of planting trees, the equilibrium of all life, man’s purpose, and a call for change. He pulls quotes directly from the Quran and explains their relationship to creation. To read the entire article, click here.

If Koalas Were King

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If Koalas Were King is a reading from the New Community Project. It intertwines the creation story of Genesis with a commentary on the role of humans beings as stewards of God’s world. It is meant to be a conversation between two readers. Click here for the full reading.