A Rocha USA

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A Rocha USA Environmental Stewardship is a branch of the International A Rocha project. They are currently working in Nashville, central Texas, and the Pacific Northwest. They specifically work to engage churches, schools, and neighborhood groups in scientific research, environmental education, and community-based conservation. To read more about projects around the US, click here.

A Rocha Conservation and Hope

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A Rocha is a Christian nature conservation organization. They are an international organization that focuses on science and research, practical conservation, and environmental education. They are identified by five core commitments and to a practical outworking of each: Christianity, Conservation, Community, Cross-Cultural, and Cooperation. To view more about their mission and commitments, click here.

Au Sable Institute

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The Au Sable Institute of Environmental Studies is a place to encounter the wonder of God’s world and the challenges of caring for creation. Their mission is to inspire and educate people to serve, protect, and restore God’s earth. They hope to offer a direct scientific investigation of the natural world, the truth and wisdom of scripture as a guide to our relationship with the Earth, and to build community for mutual support and purpose in restoring God’s earth. To read more and see what they offer, click here.

Caring for God’s Creation: Climate Change 101

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Climate Change 101 is a resource from the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America. It offers basic facts on climate change, actions that need to be taken, and resources to learn more about different aspects of this environmental issue. To download and read this entire document, click here.

The Ministerium of Ideas


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The Ministerium of Ideas is an interfaith group of church leaders from various churches all around Columbus. They gather to discuss various ideas and intellectual thought, with a focus on religion, issues, and philosophy. To check out some of their topics of discussion, click here. If you are especially interested, they will be having a meeting on climate change on Tuesday, April 19th from Noon – 1:30 at the Newman Center.


Faith Communities on Nigerian Environmental Degradation

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A research study was conducted on how faith communities view environmental degradation in Northeast Nigeria. 18 congregations throughout the states in the area were interviewed to see how they view these issues. Almost all said that they environmental degradation as an issue, and source the blame to human activity. The human activities that are to be blamed range from corrupt politics to a lack of social responsibility. However, they all agree that through spirituality, these problems can be overcome. To read the full case study, follow this link here.

Bloomberg Business Posts Infographic to Show “What’s Really Warming the World?”

BloombergInfographicImageJPEGOccasionally, an outstanding graphic emerges to help us understand some of the complexities of climate science, such as this recent series of graphs published by Bloomberg Business.  If you have wondered how all the various factors and forcings involved in global warming interact, these infographics based on data from NASA’s Goddard Institute for Space Studies are very helpful.