Wilderness Torah

Picture courtesy of wildernesstorah.org

Wilderness Torah is a center for earth-based Judaism in California. Their mission is to awaken and celebrate the earth-based traditions of Judaism to nourish the connections between self, community, earth and Spirit. They aim to reconnect individuals and communities to the ancient, earth-based Jewish heritage and inspire communities to care for the world. To read more about Wilderness Torah, click here.

Tu B’Shvat: The Greening of Judaism

Picture courtesy of interfaithfamily.com

Tu B’Shvat: The Greening of Judaism is a handout from Interfaith Family. It offers a brief overview of Tu B’Shvat and different activities to celebrate the holiday. It also offers examples of how to be caretakers of the earth. To read the entire handout, click here.  

Tu B’Shvat Seder Leader’s Guide

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Hazon has created a handout on Tu B’Shvat and how to properly celebrate the holiday. The guide offers a history of Tu B’Shvat, activities, songs, and more. To view or download the entire handout, click here.

A Buddhist Perspective on the Eco-Crisis from David Loy

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This short video consists of David Loy discussing the Buddhist perspective on the Eco-crisis. He begins to describe anata, the belief that all things are constantly changing and there can be no such thing as a permanent self, and dukkha, which is the idea that human experience is short-lived and suffering results from excessive desire.  These ideas come together to describe the Buddhist idea that there is no “self”. Loy says that, “our sense of self is usually haunted by a sense of lack.” This sense of lack and false sense of “self,” create issues for people that can be related to consumerism, the Eco-crisis, and more. To watch the entire video, click here.

Care for Creation Lesson Plans

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Catholic Relief Services has created two lesson plans for grades 1-8 about Catholic social teachings on Caring for God’s Creation. The lesson plans help explain the importance of caring for creation through the story of a rice farmer in Madagascar and a coffee farmer in Nicaragua. To view the lesson that focuses on Madagascar, click here. To view the lesson that focuses on Nicaragua, click here.

10 Jewish Teachings on the Environment

Picture courtesy of greenfaith.org

Picture courtesy of greenfaith.org

10 Jewish Teachings on the Environment is a downloadable resource from GreenFaith. It includes ten of the most important teachings on the environment from a Jewish perspective. To read or download the guide, click here.

Let There Be… Stuff?

Picture courtesy of greenfaith.org

Picture courtesy of greenfaith.org

GreenFaith and The Story of Stuff Project have teamed up to create Let There Be… Stuff?. It is a six-week session for teenagers that explores the relationship between consumption, faith, and the health of the planet. They offer a Christian and a Jewish version. To learn how to download Let There Be… Stuff?, click here.

To watch The Story of Stuff and read more on their work, click here.

15 Steps to Create Effective Climate Communications

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This guide (2016) from Blessed Tomorrow outlines a specific and easy-to-follow process for crafting and delivering a successful climate change message. To download the guide or watch the webinar, click here.

Get Started on Your Positive Plan

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This tool kit provided by Blessed Tomorrow is a guide for clergy to begin working towards greener homes, congregations and communities. It includes ideas, talking points, spiritual resources and customizable templates to help inspire your congregation to care for creation. To read the entire guide, click here.

Laudato Si’ Animation for Children

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This video on Laudato Si’ is a resource from the Catholic Agency for Overseas Development meant to explain the encyclical in a simple and easy to understand way. It describes what an encyclical is, what is being asked, and why any of it matters. To watch the video, click here.