Currency Causing Issues

Hindu temple

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The Bank of England released a new £5 note that caused some controversy with many different religious groups recently. The Bank is not disclosing what products are being used to make the tallow in each notes, and different animal products may be the answer. Depending on how these new notes are made, their use may go against the teaching of many different religions, ranging from Judaism to Buddhism. To check out the full story, click here.

Pope Francis on the Dakota Access Pipeline

Pope Francis has released a statement on the issue of developing land that is spiritually significant to native people. There have been many incidents in recent years where land was taken from natives in order to further economic development of a country at the cost of the rights of native people in regards to practicing their religion. Although it was never officially stated, this statement was in regards to the approved completion of the Dakota Access Pipeline, which will interfere with sacred land of different Native American tribes. To read the full article, follow either this link or this link.

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Standing Rock’s Silver Lining

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The Standing Rock situation, although a difficult and problematic time, had its own silver lining. Because of this issue and the publicity it received, many religious groups have put their difference aside to support the native people whose land is at risk. This has had an impact on healing the divide that has existed between native tribes and western organized religions. To read the full article, click here.

Faith Community Impacts on Earth Day

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Since the founding of Earth Day, faith communities have been getting ready more and more involved with the activities of the day. Various religions have taken the lessons to heart, urging individuals to be more aware of their personal impact on the environment as well as their impacts as a community. For a thorough history on the involvement of faith communities with Earth Day, check out this link.


A Sinking Island

Carteret Islands

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Many people living on four small islands in the Pacific Ocean are being forced to evacuate their homes. This is due solely to rising sea levels. Their homes and beaches are being washed away and their sources of freshwater are being contaminated. This unfortunate circumstance is the exact kind of problem that Pope Francis warned people about. To read more about this issue, the Pope’s advice, and the solutions, check out the full article here.

Trees for the Earth

The Catholic community is joining with the Earth Day Network to help reach the goal of planting 7.8 billion trees by 2020. This would be one tree per person on earth. The recent encyclical, Laudato Si, discussed the importance of trees and their benefits to the environment as well as human kind. To read the full article about this goal, click here. 

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Surpassing Political Parties

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Environmentalism has become a partisan problem, with liberals and conservatives butting heads on the issue. However, faith groups are trying to get over these issues by showing that it isn’t just about the planet, but the people as well. You can have environmental protection and economic growth. Check out all of the arguments being made by the religious community here.

Iowa Interfaith Leaders and Earth Day 2016

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Many religious leaders in Iowa have gotten together on the eve of earth day to discuss the importance of climate change. They hope to create bipartisan support for policy in regards to the environment. These faith leaders all want to do what they feel is right, which is to help preserve the earth. To read more about this, click here. 

Anamchara Faith Community Celebrates Earth Day 2016

Michael Mernaugh, leader of Anamchara Faith Community,

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The Anamchara Faith Community will be going into the woods to celebrate Earth Day this year. Lessons from biblical passages involving trees and their importance will be taught, and actions such as planting trees will occur. This service will draw from different faiths and cultures, ranging from the Catholic faith to Native American customs and traditions. To find out more about this special service, click here.


Tikkun Olam

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The Jewish Federation of Columbus has a program for community outreach known as Atid. One of the the experiences that this group provides is about the environment and sustainability. This outreach is known as Tikkun Olam, and it brings young people and professionals together to work towards sustainability and environmental stewardship in the community. To read more about this group and find out how to get involved, click here.