Environmental Statement: Evangelical Lutheran Church in America

Caring for Creation: Vision, Hope and Justice is a social statement that explains the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America’s (ELCA)  teachings on ecology and the environment, grounded in a biblical vision of Gods intention for the healing and wholeness of creation. This statement provides a Christian understanding of the human role to serve in creation. […]

Environmental Statement – Greek Orthodox

In 1989, Patriarch Dimitrios I of the Greek Orthodox Church issued a statement on concern for the environment. Like many other faiths, he cited the messages and teachings of the Bible, saying that man was intended to be the steward of nature. To raise awareness for environmental causes and stewardship, September 1st of each year […]

Environmental Statement – Reformed Church in America

In 1982, the Christian Action Commission of the Reformed Church in America (RCA) released a document titled “Care for the Earth: Theology and Practice.” This was given to General Synod, who then passed several resolutions outlining the Reformed Church in America’s stance on environmental issues. Those resolutions can be found here.

Environmental Statement – Lutheran Church

The Evangelical Lutheran Church in America adopted a robust environmental social statement in 1993. Many themes are similar to those voiced by other religions in that it focuses on humanity’s responsibility to the environment and the call to act as the stewards of the earth. The statement notes that problems of environmental degradation have been caused […]

Environmental Statement – Episcopal Church

The Episcopal Church has issued multiple environmental statements over the years. Their foundational statement in the 1990’s was released in parts. The first part discussed environmental policy, and what must be done to preserve creation. The full policy piece can be found here. The second part addressed taking action through the church. It involves advocacy, leadership […]

Environmental Statement – Mennonite Church

Like many other religions, the Mennonite Church has released a statement about the need to take care of our environment. They are encouraging this attitude among their members by using biblical text, helping people choose simpler lifestyles, and seeking justice for the environment. To read the full statement, click here. For more on the Mennonite […]

Environmental Statement – United Methodist Church

The Bishops of the United Methodist Church released a statement entitled: God’s Renewed Creation: Call to Hope and Action. In this statement, the Bishops urged people to look at how they see themselves as a part of creation, and adjust it so they stop harming the environment. People need to stop looking out for only […]

Environmental Statement – Presbyterian Church

The Presbyterian Church has an environmental statement that is similar to many other churches, citing biblical text and discussing our responsibilities as stewards of the earth. This document goes into what humanity has done, and why the Presbyterian church is responding to the massive amount of environmental degradation. To read the entire statement, follow this […]

Environmental Statement – Church of the Brethren

Our responsibility to the earth and all creatures that inhabit it are written in the Bible. From Genesis to the parables of Jesus, it is explicitly stated that we must be caring stewards of the earth. In order to reverse the damage that humankind has done, the Church of the Brethren is calling its own […]

Environmental Statement – American Baptist Churches

According to the American Baptists, this planet was made in creation by God. We were, and still are, entrusted with its care. We must be stewards of our home and not abuse it if we wish to continue on as a species. All of the environmental problems that exists today have stemmed from humanity’s greed. […]