Evangelical Environmental Network: The Last Straw

Picture courtesy of creationcare.org

Up to 12 billion tons of plastic trash end up in God’s oceans, and Evangelical Environmental Network (EEN) believes that trash is an affront to the glory of God. Trash always ends up somewhere, and that somewhere belongs to God. They believe that throwing trash away is equivalent to sneaking into God’s backyard and piling trash there and then pretending that it never happened. In order to put a stop to the 12 billion tons of plastic trash, EEN has created The Last Straw Campaign Pledge. It is a pledge to decline straws at restaurants and other food/beverage establishments, phase out using them at home, and consider going deeper, such as: asking local restaurants to only provide straws when customers request them and asking elected officials at the local and state levels to phase out the use of plastic straws, and single-use plastic. To read more or take the pledge, click here.

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