“Simplicity is Nothing New” in Simpler Living, Compassionate Life

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In this section (Simplicity is Nothing New: A Brief Historical Overview): “Introduction to the Politics of Simplicity” by Jerome Segal (141-144); “Epilogue” fromĀ The Simple Life by David Shi (144-148); “Simplicity Among the Saints” by Richard J. Foster (149-160)

While this section does not convict readers or give exact action recommendations, it does look back to ways that the Holy Spirit has inspired simplicity in the lives of Christians through the ages. Embracing the great cloud of witnesses, the authors in this section look to the good done in Christ’s name when simplicity was prioritized as a method. It seems in commitment to simplicity, love is able to be seen more clearly. While not incredibly intersectional, it does help to frame the 21st century pursuit of simplicity in American and Christian history.

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