OSU Students Impact Sustainability

Capstone students in the Environment, Economy, Development and Sustainability (EEDS) major have made important contributions to sustainability decision-making and program implementation in the City of Columbus and at The Ohio State University. The following links detail some of the stories of this success.

20142015: Students impacted the release, framing, and implementation of Green Memo III, the five-year strategic sustainability plan for the City of Columbus

2016: Student projects similarly helped shape priorities and implementation of OSU’s new university Sustainability Goals (video)

2017-2018: Students collaborated with Smart Columbus staff to provide analyses and strategic recommendations for the $50M Smart Cities grant won by Smart Columbus (video)

2018: Students from three capstone groups in two Engineering classes and six groups in the EEDS capstone collaborated to tackle Smart Columbus Multi-Disciplinary Projects (video)

Engineering a Smart Columbus – EEDS Capstone 2018 from Scott Spears on Vimeo.

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