Engaged Organizations: Carbon Covenant

Picture courtesy of interfaithpowerandlight.org

The Carbon Covenant, a program of Interfaith Power & Light, supports faith communities directly addressing the problem of carbon emissions and deforestation. They currently have programs in Cambodia, Cameroon, Ghana, and Tanzania that work with small villages in these areas to reduce illegal logging. In Ghana, the program is known as Trees& Eco-Clubs that supports Presbyterian youth programs by teaching them about trees and deforestation. In Tanzania, the program is known as Trees of Kilimanjaro and they are supported by the Lutheran church and work to plant trees near Mt. Kilimanjaro. In Cameroon, the program focuses on establishing interfaith collaboration between Christians and Muslims to plant trees and is knows as Interfaith Collaboration. The last project is known as Monk Patrol in Cambodia and helps Buddhist eco-monks in their daily work to stop illegal deforestation. To learn more about these programs and other work the Carbon Covenant does, click here.

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