Profile: Rev. Craig A. Foster, P.E.

Craig Foster, the Founder and President of Foster Energy Management, has over 33 years experience as an engineer and manager.  His experience spans many areas of facility design, optimization and management including Energy Management Auditing and Implementation, Utility Management,  Building Design and Operation, Water Treatment and Waste Water Treatment Plant Design and Operation, and Solar Thermal Installations.  Craig has worked for a gas and electric utility, as an engineering consultant, and in facilities management and engineering for a major manufacturer.  In addition, he has 15 years experience managing Environmental, Health, and Safety programs in an industrial setting.  He graduated from the University of Iowa in 1977 with a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering and is a registered professional engineer in the State of Ohio.

Craig is also a Deacon in the Episcopal Church.  Ordained in 2007, he serves St. John’s Episcopal Church in Columbus where he is involved in ministry to the homeless and marginally housed through Street Church and His Place.  He has helped lead an effort of the BREAD organization in Columbus to reduce neighborhood blight through formation of a funded Community Land Re-utilization Corporation.  Craig is also deeply committed to Kairos Prison Ministry and the issues surrounding those returning to society after being incarcerated.  He dreams of having the Chapel at North Central Correctional Complex become a member of OhIPL.

Craig has spent 17 years committed to Kairos Prison Ministry and the issues surrounding those returning to society after being incarcerated. He helped found  Franklinton Community Solar, a new non-profit dedicated to bringing solar energy to the Franklinton community in Columbus.  The groups goals are solarize the community to provide environmental resiliency, to provide local jobs for those facing employment barriers, and to educate the neighborhood about the impacts of climate change in the inner city.

Craig is married to Kathy. They live in Columbus and together have five daughters, eight grandchildren and one dog. They enjoy being together, whether puttering in their yard, traveling, or just hanging out at home.


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