The Master of Fine Art students entering their 2nd year of study at The Ohio State University are pleased to present Relative to You, an exhibition of artwork occupying 9 locations on OSU’s campus. Stemming from an interest in bringing the presence and discussion of art to a diverse audience, these works are a reflection of what it means to be an art student at a large research institution. The exhibition is a program requirement and a milestone for these 11 students pursuing their MFA degrees.

Through this non-conventional display of artwork across campus, these MFA students bring their work to audiences who may not otherwise encounter them. The sites range from courtyards to corn fields to the banks of the Olentangy River. They thoughtfully display projects that are in conversation with ideas and disciplines present at the university such as textiles, language, agriculture, politics, architecture, and biology.

The exhibition is free and open to the public. The Department of Art is offering a walking and shuttle tour of the 11 artworks from 3:45-7 pm on Monday, August 22nd, beginning at Hopkins Hall. To learn more about the exhibition tour, locations, artists, and artworks, please see the informational links in the menu above.