Innovate Conference Brings CarmenBooks Discussion to the Stage

The 10th annual Innovate Conference at Ohio State is a time for exploring groundbreaking approaches to education with technology, and Ohio State’s College of Social Work’s pilot of CarmenBooks is an excellent example. Lois Stepney, MSW Program Director, and Mike Shiflet, ALX Digital Publishing Coordinator, were part of the CarmenBooks launch this spring that provided students inexpensive online materials and will be sharing their findings at the conference on May 16.

According to Lois, CarmenBooks offers students online textbooks at a lower cost. Instead of lugging heavy textbooks around campus, students can now have access to learning 24/7 from their phones, iPads or computers. It’s also the same content found in a hard copy, and faculty members don’t have to go through the hassle of ordering books to the bookstore.

When the opportunity was offered to Lois and her colleagues, they were very excited because it fit well with social work and the values of social justice.

“Social justice aims to create a more just world for everyone, said Lois. “Our college graduates the highest number of first-generation students. Access to education and resources can be challenging, and we want to do all we can to support the whole student and their experience.”

Lois also mentioned the department has already changed the way they think about textbooks – for them, it’s another piece of the financial wellness puzzle to address. To find out more about what Lois, Mike, and the rest of the team have learned from CarmenBooks, attend “Lightning Ideas: A More Affordable Student Experience” during Breakout Session 1 at Innovate. They’ll discuss key findings and ways the program will continue to grow.

“This is all about inclusive access to create more equitable standards,” Lois shared. “I’m excited to share the practical reality of using CarmenBooks.”

Coming Soon to the ODEE Toolset: Zoom

The Office of Distance Education and eLearning (ODEE) has been reviewing web conferencing services for academic use at Ohio State. ODEE has selected Zoom, a web conferencing solution that allows users to host and attend virtual meetings. Zoom will be replacing CarmenConnect by the end of the calendar year. Please note, Skype for Business is still available for business purposes.

Instructors and staff can begin using Zoom later this summer to start exploring features before full implementation in Autumn 2019. CarmenConnect will remain available throughout summer term.

More information for making use of this new tool will be coming soon!

Banner Added to Office 365 When Emailing External Recipients

Enterprise Security in conjunction with the University Email team will be making a change to Office 365 that will add a banner to the top of the email composition window to let the composer know that a recipient is outside the university (based on email domain).

Beginning Tuesday, April 30, when composing an email to someone outside the university, a banner will pop up in the message window stating either “the following recipient is outside your organization” or on the mobile version, “emailing external recipients”.

This should help clear up any confusion when the status of the recipient might be unclear and remind the sender if the user is outside of our organization. This new banner will show up in Outlook on the web, Outlook on Windows and Outlook on mobile. The banner will not show on Outlook on Mac. See screenshots beloew for examples.

Please note that employees of the Wexner Medical Center ( will be considered outside of our organization. You will still have access to send to but the banner will pop up.

No action is needed. For more information access the collection of articles (link is external) to assist both users and IT Staff with the functions and use of both the University Email Service and Exchange Online within Office 365.

If you have any questions, please contact the IT Service Desk via online Self Service (link is external), or contact 614-688-4357. Reference change number CHG0042791.

Reminder: Ohio State will never ask for your password via email. If you receive a suspicious email (link is external), please report it by forwarding the email to If there is any doubt, do not hesitate to report the email. Do not click links or open/preview attachments in the suspicious email.

Registration for InnovateX Now Open

Randi Honkonen | March 21, 2019

Over the past ten years, the needs and interests of students have changed drastically. Today, they are looking for skills that will serve them well in our changing world, whether that be technological prowess or the courage and dedication necessary to bring about social justice. Are our teaching methods keeping up to meet the needs of these students? How do we keep them engaged in the classroom, and how do we push them to step outside that classroom to make a difference? We’ll explore these questions and more at InnovateX! 

Join us Thursday, May 16, at the Ohio Union for the 2019 Innovate Conference. We’re celebrating our tenth year with our theme InnovateX, and three threads will be woven in throughout the conference this year: 

  • ExciteHow do you keep students engaged and active in their learning? What innovative technologies are available to enrich the learning experience? Get inspired by new ways to make learning exciting for your students. 
  • Explore: Learning doesn’t have to be confined to the classroom. Discover ways to get your students out and into the community; how to incorporate problem-based learning, service learning and real-life applications alongside theory; and how global opportunities can take learning to new heights. 
  • ExperienceThis year at Innovate, we will be highlighting student voices as they share their experiences with inventive teaching methods and technology in the classroom. From traditional to online students, to those equipped with technology kits, find out what makes an excellent educational experience from the student perspective. 

This year, we welcome two keynote speakers to share their expertise on teaching and learning, Shauna Chung and Ethan Zuckerman. 

Returning in 2019 is the Imaginarium. This space will be dedicated to hands-on exploration and demonstrations of exciting tools and projects, as well as opportunities for networking and discussion. Attendees will be encouraged to visit this space to explore, play and experiment with new ideas. 

New this year, we’ll be selling our popular Innovate T-shirts so you can join us in celebrating our 10-year anniversary. Shirts can be purchased during the registration process and picked up at the conference on May 16.

Be sure to reserve your spot at InnovateX! 


Registration Notes

This year, all registrants just need to provide their name and email address in order to register—no need to create an account!  

Looking Back 10 Years

We’re looking back over the past 10 years and want to hear from YOU! Did you make a long-lasting connection with another educator? Are you using what you learned at the conference in your courses? How has Innovate shaped your teaching and your students’ learning experiences? Tell us all about it! We’d like to share your stories and memories at this year’s conference, to help us set the stage for newcomers to the conference and remind the usual suspects how far teaching and learning have come over the years. 




The February 28 edition of the Enterprise Project Digest was shared with the Ohio State community to provide updates about the project’s work. Check out the EP Digest archive to read the full February issue.

Highlights of this issue: (1) Establishment of a Student Advisory Board; (2) Staff profile for Darshana Bhuta; and (3) Workday core concepts geared toward HR professionals.

The Enterprise Project Digest is distributed monthly, and those who are interested in additional information are encouraged to subscribe.

MacOS Mojave Update Now Available in Self Service

The MacOS Mojave update is now available in JAMF Self Service for all OCIO-managed Mac devices. You can install this update at your convenience now through Monday, March 13. On March 13, you will be required to install the update if you have not already done so, and will be notified via a pop-up screen.

This installation requires a reboot that could take up to one hour. Installing the update prior to March 13 using Self Service allows you to plan around that reboot so that your work is not disturbed. To view instructions on how to install the MacOS Mojave update via JAMF Self Service, visit

In addition to updating your device so you can access new features like the highly anticipated Dark Mode, enhanced file management systems, and screenshot shortcuts, we recommend keeping your MacOS updated for security purposes.

If you have any questions, please contact the IT Service Desk by phone at (614)-688-HELP (4357), by email at, or by logging in online at

Microsoft Office 365 for Mac Now Available in Self Service

The Office of the Chief Information Officer (OCIO) is updating all managed devices from Microsoft Office 2019 to Microsoft Office 365 on Friday, March 29. Prior to that date, you can update to Office 365 at your convenience using JAMF Self Service. To view instructions on how to install this update, visit

The first time you reopen a Microsoft Office product after this update, you will need to sign in using your university email address ( and password. You will also be required to log in to access these products in the future whenever you change your password.

Office 365 gives users access to several Microsoft applications including the Office suite and newly enabled applications such as Yammer and Whiteboard. Each eligible university employee has five user licenses for Office 365 per type of device (5 for computer, 5 for tablet, 5 for phone, etc.). To view an FAQ on Microsoft Office 365 for employees, visit is external).

If you have any questions, please contact the IT Service Desk by phone at (614) 688-HELP (4357), by email at, or by logging in online at

2/22 Next Round of Workstation Updates Begin

Beginning February 22, the IT Service Desk will remotely deploy the next round of software updates to OCIO-managed workstations via Ivanti for PC users and JAMF for Mac users, which will require you to restart your machine and/or close applications.

The list of software items to be updated includes:

  • Windows Updates
  • Office Updates
  • Mac OS Updates
  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Google Chrome
  • Adobe Flash Player
  • Adobe Acrobat/Reader
  • Skype
  • iTunes
  • Zoom

You can install workstation updates at your convenience and avoid interruptions that could occur from an automatic update. Use the OCIO Knowledge Base articles shared below to become more familiar with how to proactively update your workstation at your convenience.

Ivanti Workspaces for PC Windows Users – Knowledge Base article

JAMF Self Service for Mac Users – Knowledge Base article

Submit any exception requests through Self Service.

If you have any questions, please contact the IT Service Desk via online Self Service, or contact 614-688-4357. Reference change number CHG0040712.

What if I don’t proactively update my applications?

Automatic updates for OCIO-managed PC and Mac equipment will still occur as described below if you do not update them via Ivanti Workspaces or JAMF Self Service.

PC Automatic Updates:
Ivanti software updates are deployed in a silent mode that is transparent to end users. When a software update is finished with a computer, the machine will need to restart for the changes to be completed. Multiple reboots may be necessary in order to install these updates. When prompted, please reboot by the end of the business day. Although delaying a reboot is not advised, you can delay a restart for up to three days, after which your computer will be forced to restart. Any OCIO-managed computers that are online and available between 10 p.m. through 5 a.m. will automatically restart when updates occur.

Mac Automatic Updates:
Once software updates are available in JAMF, Mac users will have four days to apply them through JAMF Self Service. After the four days are up, the app will automatically update.

During updates, JAMF will give users a 15 minute warning to close and reopen an app before forcing it to close. However, once 15 minutes are up, JAMF will automatically close the app without additional notification.

Introducing the IT Academy

We are pleased to share the launch of the university’s IT Academy! This academy is the direct result of feedback from IT professionals across the university about the resources needed to continue building knowledge and skills that will allow us support the university with rapidly changing technology. It is a collection of self-paced and curated learning resources designed to support the diverse learning needs of the entire university technology community.

There are 2 key resources available to IT professionals through the academy:

  1. Gartner for Technical Professionals (GTP): GTP provides insights, evaluations, and resources for technology professionals as they assess tools, make decisions, and implement technology. Within the next few weeks, IT professionals will receive an email from Gartner explaining how to access their resources. If you do not receive this email, please contact us at:
  2. (Available March 1!) This online learning platform provides access to thousands of resources that help IT professionals to grow their knowledge. To request access, please complete the access request form.

Although GTP is available only to university IT professionals, Lynda is available to all university and Medical Center IT professionals.

In addition to self-paced exploration of content, we’ve designed 3 key development tracks to address needs and emerging technologies:

  • Soft Skills for Technicians
  • Beginning Skills for Information Security Roles
  • Amazon Web Services Core Concepts

We plan on continuing to add additional tracks and welcome your feedback in determining those tracks.

Please explore all elements of the IT Academy and request system access to begin using these exciting resources.

Designing and developing the IT Academy has been an important collaboration between technology representatives across the university. I’d like to thank Leslie Weibush from OCIO, Joe Roush from Education and Human Ecology and the entire IT Academy working group for their leadership.

We look forward to hearing what you find most valuable from these resources and encourage you to provide feedback on future learning tracks that can help the academy grow. To share your ideas or if you encounter access problems, please contact

Avoid the “Gift Card” Phishing Scam

There’s a new phishing scheme targeting Ohio State employees. Here’s what to look for:

  • You receive a message that looks like it is from someone you know – maybe a manager, dean or executive.
  • The sender asks you to purchase gift cards on his/her behalf because s/he is in meetings and too busy to complete this task personally.
  • The sender asks you to reply to the message with photos of the gift card numbers.

On these messages, the “from” field may look legitimate, but if you check the email address you’ll find it was not sent from an Ohio State email account. The phisher has created a phony email address in the name of sender to trick you into thinking the message is legitimate. If you replied to that message, you would be sending codes for gift card(s) that you purchased to the cybercriminal, when you believe you are doing your colleague a favor.

Don’t respond to these messages. Use the Report Phish button in Outlook to report these messages, or send them to

The easiest way to protect yourself from this type of attack is by getting into the habit of NEVER sending any valuable or privileged information via email. While most people would never send their credit card information to someone in an email, a gift card may seem safer, especially if there is a sense of urgency that prompts you to act quickly without thinking it over. Once you take time to think about it, you can see that once purchased, a gift card is as good as money in a criminal’s pocket.

If you have already responded to such a message, please contact us at