2/22 Next Round of Workstation Updates Begin

Beginning February 22, the IT Service Desk will remotely deploy the next round of software updates to OCIO-managed workstations via Ivanti for PC users and JAMF for Mac users, which will require you to restart your machine and/or close applications.

The list of software items to be updated includes:

  • Windows Updates
  • Office Updates
  • Mac OS Updates
  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Google Chrome
  • Adobe Flash Player
  • Adobe Acrobat/Reader
  • Skype
  • iTunes
  • Zoom

You can install workstation updates at your convenience and avoid interruptions that could occur from an automatic update. Use the OCIO Knowledge Base articles shared below to become more familiar with how to proactively update your workstation at your convenience.

Ivanti Workspaces for PC Windows Users – Knowledge Base article ocio.osu.edu/KB05318.

JAMF Self Service for Mac Users – Knowledge Base article ocio.osu.edu/KB05607.

Submit any exception requests through Self Service.

If you have any questions, please contact the IT Service Desk via online Self Service, or contact 614-688-4357. Reference change number CHG0040712.

What if I don’t proactively update my applications?

Automatic updates for OCIO-managed PC and Mac equipment will still occur as described below if you do not update them via Ivanti Workspaces or JAMF Self Service.

PC Automatic Updates:
Ivanti software updates are deployed in a silent mode that is transparent to end users. When a software update is finished with a computer, the machine will need to restart for the changes to be completed. Multiple reboots may be necessary in order to install these updates. When prompted, please reboot by the end of the business day. Although delaying a reboot is not advised, you can delay a restart for up to three days, after which your computer will be forced to restart. Any OCIO-managed computers that are online and available between 10 p.m. through 5 a.m. will automatically restart when updates occur.

Mac Automatic Updates:
Once software updates are available in JAMF, Mac users will have four days to apply them through JAMF Self Service. After the four days are up, the app will automatically update.

During updates, JAMF will give users a 15 minute warning to close and reopen an app before forcing it to close. However, once 15 minutes are up, JAMF will automatically close the app without additional notification.