Efficient and Modern IT

We work to provide units with consistent service from IT experts and more secure services while reducing operating costs and allowing you to focus on the technology necessary for your unique unit.

Instead of considering IT in terms of people and equipment, Managed IT Services (MITS) approaches IT as a service with those costs included. This allows for more predictable and stable year-to-year IT costs, as well as costs savings over time as efficiencies of scale are realized. MITS can look different for each area, but the foundational goals, benefits and services are the same.

Guiding Principles

The MITS program was built on two foundational principles – the idea of “Core, Common, Unique” and the University IT Strategy.

Available Services

The OCIO has a proven record of providing core and common services on a large scale in highly effective and efficient ways across the university. These core and common services include enhanced infrastructure, up-to-date technology and consistent IT support. Each service is designed with the security framework in mind.

Transforming the End User Experience

  • New devices on a four year refresh cycle
  • Regular software and security updates
  • Consistent end user support including onsite tech support and a 24/7 IT Service Desk
  • Skype installation and support with access to training
  • VPN for remote access to the secure OSUlan network, including file share and printing
  • Updated Wi-Fi (OSUwireless)
  • Classroom and conference room device management and support


Asset management, managed wired and wireless networks, a single Active Directory, and virtual and off-site servers are some of the additional services that users don’t always see, but enable overall IT infrastructure to perform at high levels.

Unique Needs and Services

A partnership with the OCIO means teaming up with a group of experts who can assist with business needs from an IT perspective. A dedicated Relationship Manager works to connect the right people to move the university IT strategy forward.

There is a scale of unique service needs that vary by college, unit, and department from managing complex data to research computers. The OCIO will consult with you on the best way to work together to handle these unique technology needs.